I carry most of my tension in my jaw, neck, and shoulders. What are some good stretches to loosen me up a bit and ease all the aches and stiffness I get in these places?

Jasmine Pacal W.
Shoulder rolls and neck rolls are simple but effective! Try doing them every morning before you start your day and again in the afternoon – maybe before or after your lunch break. If you find it hard to fall asleep at night because of postural discomfort it can be good to stretch before bed too. I'll usually do shoulder rolls 20 forward and 20 back. You can also do arm circles as small or large as feels good to work that shoulder around the joint. And then neck rolls clockwise and counterclockwise. Whether you do these seated or standing, try to keep your body upright and your spine stacked. In doing these small simple stretches, you might be surprised to find how much stiffness you're really holding onto! Stick with it and I hope you'll find yourself loosening up and letting go of some of those aches and pains.