Has stretching made a visible and feel able difference?

Brittany F.
Oh my goodness yes it has. I went from barely getting of the couch to light exercise and stretching using the stretch in this app and I notice more flexibility, less tightness, and being able to do basic moves like get off the couch without creaking or dreading it. Do it and even within a few days you'll notice changes.
Klaus Werner J.
I’ve only been doing it a few days I don’t know if there’s any difference in my body or in me physically but mentally it’s a really nice way for me to feel like I’ve accomplished something that day and it does feel good
Samiexk N.
I think it has yes, to me stretching and yoga was something I have always avoided before working out or just when I wake up, but since I saw the app fabulous it helped me build a routine to stretch at least for a minute when I wake up. I recommend everyone to try to stretch not just for physical therapy but also the feeling of opening your mind and chest to new fields. It is the best feeling and honestly my mind and body needed this.
Maddi U.
Yes!!! Being consistent is key, the stretches you weren’t able to complete fully yesterday will be the stretches you master tomorrow! I’m so proud of you! Keep stretching 🙂