Do you have a designated area in your home/routine for stretching?

Aniceto S.
I have a few places I could. I have only tried one so far. I want to feel out the other spots so I know where I am most comfortable and less distracted.
Glen J.
Yes I stretch in my bedroom because it’s my special space and it’s the one room that I don’t have to share with my children
Eckhard M.
Mostly I just use my living room, so not really but also yes if that makes sense? I stretch in the same place but that’s not the only thing the space is used for.
Adolf X.
In the morning I use my living room so I don’t disturb my husband’s sleep. I have a nice think rug in there and my yoga mat. I move a couple of light pieces of furniture out of the way and workout, then stretch.
At night before bed I use a towel on my bedroom floor, I warm up for 5 minutes and stretch for a couple of minutes. That’s it, done!
Alfred W.
Yes, I have a place in the garage. In winter, it can be a bit chilly, even in southern California, so I need to wear fleece. In warmer months, it's lovely and cool. I use a thick mat on top of an old bath towel.
Liam U.
Yes, the 1 minute stretch I do in my office (I work at home) and I start by holding the top of the doorframe and stretching my arms/shoulders. If I do a 10 min stretch I go to the lounge (more space, better view!) and look out the window while I stretch – rests my eyes as well!