What kinds of stretches are other people doing?

Cathy P.
I stretch from top to bottom. I start will rolling my shoulders, stretching my arms, legs and such. I do half while standing and half while sitting. Which ones I complete depends on what exercise I do. But I do standing and sitting hamstring stretch, quadriceps stretch, hip flexor stretch, standing calf stretch, and others for neck, back, chest and even wrists.
Storm C.
I use a series of six stretches from a book called “3 minutes to a pain-free life,” held for 30 seconds each. The stretches are mostly similar to yoga poses: child’s pose, cat-cow, cobra, then a wide straddle, deep squat, and hands overhead w/ fingers interlaced, wrists out. Sometimes I’ll throw in downward dog too, or some streiI learned in PT.
Ray C.
I just do some stretches like trying to touch your feet while not bending your knees. I stretch in bed, too, just like a cat would. Lol
Tony F.
Stretches that make some one becoming stenght, fresh and help their body health. Like meditation, simple stretches and so on.
Ernest U.
Before bed I do more stretches on the ground like cat cow, childs pose, supine twist, some meditation. In the morning I do sun salutations and poses that are upright and make me feel powerful.
Maria U.
Mainly back, neck and leg stretches for all of the stiff parts. Your neck you can just roll it from side to side slowly for a couple of seconds, legs i mainly sit on the floor and reach for my feet.
Randy E.
I have neck/shoulder and back problems so I try to do my stretches given to me by my physical therapist. I also like to just bend over from my waist and hang… For me this releases the tension in above said areas as well as relaxes me.