Have you moved your duration time to longer than one minute? I seem to always be stretching far after my alarm is completed.

Hershey U.
Actually the time that's set for stretching or exercising for example is like 1 min but the ones that I choose are 7 mins or 4 mins that's cool actually I like it!
Arizona P.
Yeeeeeeeeessssssss definitely, and it feels delightful! You don't even force anything, it's simply because it's relaxing that you continue doing it without even realizing! And actually, when I trie using the timer, I've noticed how short one minute is, it's not enough for me to be as peaceful, painless and relaxed as when I do it on my own time (which I never check, so I don't even know how long I take).
Coffee W.
The fact that I've started stretching at all is wonderful, but i dont really look at the time. I probably should but it stresses me out. I just do what i feel is nice. And i Have been stretching more, even when its not in my routine. So in a backhanded way, kinda yeah.