What stretches can I do in the Morning to quickly loosen all my muscles?

Virg Lio P.
Stretching your arms across your chest, bending over and trying to touch your toes are the best quick stretches you can do any where.

Johnni X.
You have to stretch you legs, back, and arms. For legs I like to do the butterfly, hamstring stretch, and quad stretch. For back I do the seal stretch and downward dog. I also do one where I lay on my back with my shoulders trying to stay on the ground as I touch on of my knees to the ground on the other side of my other leg. For arms I typically do the shoulder stretch and the tricep stretch

Saul N.
1. Spin your head from side to side
2. Tricep stretch
3. Reach your toes with your hands while standing
4. Reach your toes with your hands while sitting
5. Butterfly pose
6. Cobra
7. Childs pose

Ave Z.
i like to be on something that’s soft so it doesn’t hurt me and i stretch my legs first i try to do a split and stretch them out that way and do some squats and leg raises a few times then i go on my knees and stretch across my legs my back to loosen it up and breathe while i do that i also like to then stay in that position and turn and stretch my back i can’t guarantee this will work for you but it’s worth a try

Lucy Q.
Yoga stretches. Trust me. You can either search it up, or you can look here on fabulous in the exercise circle or maybe the discover page. Hope this helped

Carol Z.
I usually do cat cow pose , child's pose , neckstrech, cobbler strech . For more details you can check out chloe Ting's Youtube channel for cooldown streches and other workouts .

Mich N.
it sounds simple but cat cow is wonderful first thing in the morning. some cold mornings i do it in bed, other times i go out to my yoga mat. but just breathing really deeply and exhaling fully before changing movements is really good. and it wakes up your lower back, your shoulders, your neck, stomach, arms and legs. some mornings it’s the only stretch i do and i’ve noticed a huge difference. hope that helps!

Ortrun U.
I mainly do stretches to support my knees since they feel tight in the morning. I do leg raises for my quad muscles and clam shells & torso lifts for my glutes. And pulling one bent leg at a time to my chest helps stretch my back.

Raya N.
I’d just do what feels good, usually starting in a standing pose with my hand stretched up like I’m trying to touch the Sky. Then I’d wiggle to the sides and eventually end up bending over trying to touch my toes. Maybe I’d go in a squat position and see how I feel and what other part of my body feels stiff. Then I’d pay more attention to that part.

Krity J.
I would suggest:
-5 Burpees
-Full plank for 1minute
-Wall sit for 20sec
-sumo squats for 15sec
-mountain climbers for 20sec
-up and down plank for 30sec
-5 crunches (you can do more if you want to)
-5 pushups
Try doing these workouts every day to see results ☺️♥️

Lauren Z.
Pulling your foot up to your bottom is a good one. It gives you a good thigh stretch! Another one is putting you elbow over your head in a triangle shape, then using your other arm to pull on it. Toe touches are great, too! The pigeon stretch is awesome for getting your muscles loosened too!

Warren F.
Splits and toe touch. Since my legs are flexible , I will aim to stretch for over split. However , I need to work on making my back , arms and shoulders more flexible as normally , it gets tense up at that area

Emma J.
I just do what the app recommends, also I do some warm-up routines.
Like you're ready to exercise or go to the PE class.

Charlie S.
Reach for your feet whilst standing and sitting down. wide squat and lean for groin. shoulder rotations. slow neck rolls. waist rotations. side stretches. try to focus on breathing to add a bit of meditation to it.

Jacinta T.
Sit yourself on the floor and spred your legs. Then you can try and see if you could touch your feet without bending your legs. Or you could lay down on your stomach and put your hands on the floor and slowly stretch your arms and looks upwards do that a few times and you should be pretty stretched😄

H L Na C.
I mostly do stretches that I would do in my PE class. They're quite simple and I tend to do ones more focused on my problem areas and ones that work for multipleuscle groups, hope this helps.

Kendra J.
Lay on your back in bed when you wake up and stretch from toes to finger tips. Lay still for a couple seconds after, then get up slowly stretching from finger tips to toes, give your wrists and ankles a good roll, and finish with touching your toes.

Olivia X.
First of all, taking deep breathes while stretching is important and helps tremendously. Moving your back in different positions. Also, stretching your legs in different areas helps me feel loose and comfortable. Sitting in a straddle position and moving from side to side stretches your legs. Stretching your arms by pulling them down one at a time behind your neck.

S L Ne E.
I normally either do yoga if I have time but if not I normally do some side stretches, child-pose just in bed and my hands interlocked behind my back

Leah Q.
I like doing light stuff in the AM. My body is stiff from a night of sleeping so some gentle rolls always helps. And to ensure I warm up all the main bits I start from my head to my feet. So, in order: neck, shoulders, arms, hips, legs, ankles & toes. Then, I do some undulations for my spine

Vennise U.
Focus on each part of the body starting from your head or toes and working your way down or up and do a stretch that corresponds. So stretch out your leg muscles by trying to touch your toes and roll your head and shoulders to loosen up those muscles as well. I'm not a major fitness person so I don't really know but google is really helpful and there are a ton of apps you can use too.

Vicki E.
I don’t really do any specific stretches, but i think it’s important to do each body part at a time. so i do back, legs and hip, arms, neck, etc. that might help

Naja P.
Well I think it depends how you use your body in your everyday life, for example. I ride my bike alot, like for a few hours almost everyday, and that's alot of work for my legs. So I think mainly stretching my legs helps me. I'm not an expert on stretching– so I'm sure you'll be able to find some tutorials or guides on YouTube!