Is there other stretching videos..or can we switch up the stretches?

Alison U.
I’m not sure what videos are already linked in with this program, but YouTube has tons of videos of all kinds of stretching, yoga, and other workouts. If I don’t like one, I just switch to another, no big deal. And I can redo ones I like and do them whenever I want! All totally free and in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you want). Highly recommend. Might be worth a YouTube search or two!
Bernard P.
You can mix up the stretches for what works for you. You can also look up videos of more stretches you didn't know about
Herman E.
I honestly don’t watch the stretching video so switch it up if you want. I do the stretch’s I learned in gym class. You can always look up stretch’s on Pinterest ( it’s an app but you can google it too)
Mathys E.
Well I have learned that if you start the stretching alarm once it pops up on your phone and tap begin, you can actually leave the app and the timer will still be going to that if you want to go to YouTube and find some stretches you can.Hope I could help!!😁👌
Elya Q.
I’m not sure. I certainly would like additional stretching videos. Perhaps check YouTube or another app? Lunges, pushups and crunches are always good for basics.
Waltraut W.
Of course you can switch up your stretches! And there are a ton of videos on stretching- check YouTube for some good ones! There are a bunch of different stretches for different parts of your body. Feel free to experiment and challenge yourself (but don’t hurt yourself!). Have fun with it!
Hermenegildo Q.
Im not entirely sure. I've just started the stretches. But i find the stretches on the fabulous videos really good. If they aren't for you. I'd advise to maybe watch a YouTube video of stretches. Find one that suits you and do that instead.