What stretches do you use to become more flexible?

Loren X.
Honestly, now i just do what feels good, I know my body and where it needs to stretch. But Youtube over all is a great place. I will literally put in Stretches for (insert part), or morning stretch- watch for a little bit and see if you like it before committing to a while video and only pick ones you actually have the time or ability to do.

Arcanjo P.
It depends from person to person such as your flexibility level or body type so it's best to start off with holding positions for a certain period of time eg. Holding a lunge, left leg splits

Nicole Z.
I love the Ashtanga primary series. When I have time to spend an hour doing it, that’s excellent as it gives me a routine and a full body stretch and strengthen. At night I prefer to only do releasing stretches, so I’m not revved up before going to bed. I like spiral stretches that can target hips, spine and chest at the same time. I try to target the parts of my body which have been used the most in my daily activity. Always a role down and up is necessary