Are there any specific moves anyone suggests or short videos to watch?

Alvin J.
I tend to gravitate towards to PsycheTruth and Blogilates for my stretching videos. They have set categories for beginners, time, and location… need to stretch in your office without being obvious? PsycheTruth has your back.

Virg Nia E.
we should be able to watch more about how people are so successful in life, life how you first greeted me, i feel like that was very inspiring

Leif E.
Arm rotations and rolling your shoulders forward then back are good for stiff or sore shoulders.
Standing or sitting and reaching for your toes, pulling one leg in and reaching with the opposite hand for the outstretched leg, or sitting with legs in a V position and leaning forward are good for hamstrings or for people who sit a lot.
Using a wall for balance and swinging your leg back and forth loosely with control is good for stiff or sore hips.
Lay on your back and lift your legs like your sitting in a chair lay your arms flat against the floor in a T like position, slowly with control rock your knees side to side, do not let them touch the ground. This is good for your lower back and aligning your spine.
Link your hands with palms facing away from you push towards the sky and rise onto your toes, feet shoulder width apart, good for "lengthening" or stretching your spine to help correct hunched posture, also good for the shoulders.
Link your hands with palms facing away from you push towards the ground, arch your upper back towards the sky and stretch like your pushing your hands into the ground and your shoulders into the sky, when you release roll your shoulders back. This is good for upper back and shoulders.
Kneel and bend forward stretch your arms as far forward as comfortable without rising from the kneel and lean your weight back, this is good for shoulders and upper back.