Do you thing, that stretching for 1 minute is enough?

Sara N.
Sure! If that’s what feels right at the time. But I’ve found that when I set out to stretch just one minute, I often end up adding at least a couple more minutes to it. Other times just that 1 is all I aim to do. And that’s okay 🙂

Maike A.
I have committed to stretching for 1 minute each day but I find myself stretching for much longer. I do think its better for my mind to think I only have to spare a minute out of my day. That gives me more motivation to get started and normally once I've started I keep going.

Mathilde S.
For me, my stretches take more than one minute since I make sure that every part of my body (from head to toe) is properly stretched.

Malina R.
It is enough to get you started. Stretching for one minute sends the signal to your body to wake up and move. Continue and be active.

Franciane G.
It's a perfect start to the day when first starting to change your life and routines. Your body feels looser and your mind feels more awake. You can tell the difference in a couple of days, the effect 1 minute stretch has on your body.

Natanael Q.
I like to take my time stretching so I think two mins would be better. I just ignore the timer and check it off when I'm done. You can always pause it then just hit the checkmark if you don't like three sound.

Tamica O.
I don’t think that there is no right or wrong way to do what you feel is best. If you can only handle one min of stretching then do just that and if you have to do one min of stretching 10 times to complete 10 min then do just that. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how you get there as long as you get there.

Michael N.
Yes it is. For today, it's enough. For anything else it's the same! Do the most basic, easy version of something to ease yourself into the habit. Keep at it! Only add more when you feel comfortable.

L Rke P.
As someone who has turned a hobby into a lifestyle I would not say 1 minute of stretching per day is enough for myself. Unless I am warming up I will hold one static stretch for around a minute normally. I would always recommend a series of static stretches and holding them long enough to calm your breathing whilst feeling the stretch.

Kim Y.
I never stretch for just one minute. In my opinion it's more about getting you moving and once you're up is unlikely that you'll just do a minute. Even if you just do a minute, it's about creating the habit and adding more time as you go.

Susan E.
I think that for a quick start to the day that a very short 1 minute stretch is perfect! I did increase my "quick stretch" to 2 minutes to give me time to really feel the stretch and reflect before beginning the next one. However, I feel that for a stretching session that really works on flexibility and potentially involves some meditation style to it, that a longer session would be beneficial. I am starting out small, but I believe that in the future I will form a more structured, 10 minute stretch session to improve my flexibility and give me time to reflect in the morning.