I’m not flexible so what would be good morning streches for me?

Grace S.
I would suggest do stretches by sitting down if that is the case. My mum is the same so the stretches she does is move her feet in a circular motion or kick your legs up and down. You could gently move the head in a circular motion or stretch by looking left and right as though you are trying to look over your shoulder. For arms, you could stretch both arms as though you’re reaching for the sky and bring them down by opening up your arms. Shoulders: move Your shoulders back so your chest is coming forward or lift the shoulders as though you’re trying to touch the ear lobes. I hope that makes sense?
Frankie N.
Hi there! I'm Amelia. I'm 15 and I'm from New Orleans. A great stretch to start with is Child's pose! This stretches the shoulders, hips, and back. To deepen this stretch, just push your knees further apart. Another one would be the Cat/Cow stretch. This stretches your neck, back and abdominals. The butterfly stretch is great for your hips and lower back. Classic lunges are always a quick option for a thigh, hip, and calf stretch. Finally, Cobra pose is great for the back, abdomen, legs, and neck!
Hope this helps!
Tanya N.
Hi! I usually like to sit in a straddle and lean to the left, right, and down the middle. Then I’d sit in a pike and try to touch your hands to your toes. For arms put one arm behind your back as if you were scratching it and with the other hand push down on the “scratching back” arm’s elbow and same for the other arm. These should be some pretty easy stretches to start out with!
Silva T.
Bend at the waist and reach for your toes. Don't bounce or force. Just relax and hold the position for 30 seconds. Open your legs to a V position and stretch again towards each leg, gently, without force with your opposite arm high over head. Reach your arms high overhead, and gently roll your shoulders and your head. Hope this helps!
Ana T.
I like to move my neck and so some neck stretches, like moving it side to side, making circles. Then I do what makes sense for my body, sometimes it wants to do the arms in the air stretch it the forward fold. Sometimes it wants me to lay sideways on my bed and let my arms hang over to stretch them out a little. Stretches are for everyone if all abilities.