How do you guys manage to do the same routines every day?!? I have school on weekdays from 7 to 2:30 then on Monday’s and Thursday’s I have karate and on Tuesdays and Thursday’s I have drama club and volleyball on Fridays. My schedule changes daily so it’s really hard for me to establish a solid routine. Can you help? Thanks a million, xoxo

Victoria Y.
Your routine does not have to be linked to a specific time.
You can , instead make it about a moment. For example it can be : when you wake up or when you come back home. So it doesn't matter the time. It can be at 5pm or 2 pm… Just the moment when you enter your home.
Virginia Z.
In my opinion, I am proud of all you do. Do what you can and when you can. If it's not in the morning as The Fabulous has you scheduled, then do it when you have a few minutes. Being mindful can happen anywhere in your daily schedule. Enjoy, you are fabulous!!
Clara S.
My schedule changes daily too.. what has helped me is: start SMALL! Add on very slowly. Don’t try to over achieve. Start small and really celebrate the small thing. Slowly over time when that is just a natural instinctive habit. Then, after a while you will be surprised at how much you have evolved without even noticing 💕
Loops Y.
Have it for set times each day, then if you can't do it, snooze for 30 minutes or 1 hour and it will remind you, that way you get into a good routine that suits you xoxo
Leeloo W.
Maybe try to figure out the routines you can do that includes all your activities. Or that you can do between them all. Start with a few at first
Brandon S.
I’m a teacher and my days are never the same. It really helps when I have a planner and I’m able to at least put all to do’s on paper and schedule my routines based on that weeks schedule. With that being said their is always time somewhere. Just try and make it happen.
Cat C.
My schedule has a lot of fluctuations in it too. I try to schedule the Fabulous routines first thing in the morning (before school, work, etc would start), which is also a good thing because research shows that we should be waking up at the same time every day, or late in the day (after school, work, etc would finish), which helps me calm down after a busy day. Hope this helps!