Which is good back stretch exercise?

Bryan G.
bending your body backwards so you can feel your stomach clench and it gives you pure long stretch which feels good afterwards, just don't overdo it, bend slowly and add depth each time.

Dylan J.
I think cat cow pose is a good back exercise as it stretches my back nicely and i feel as if all my muscles get streached and also improve my posture

Bella U.
I personally think a great back stretch is when you touch your toes or you can sit on the ground with your legs infront if you and then lean forward as far as possible 😊😊

Godofredo I.
A great back exercise is “cat cow” pose. Begin on your hands and knees. As you inhale curl your back up as if you were a “cat”. Then exhale and cave your back down. Try to create a fluid movement with your breath. As you curl and cave your spine you can take tiny twists to get deeper into the stretch. Listen to your body!

Tokki P.
Personally I believe sitting on the bed and stretching around is the most relaxing and enjoyable stretch exercise. What your favorite back stretch exercise?

Kristie Z.
Lay on your back or stomach and trust the top of your body to to look up if on stomach and twist your legs to face down if on back

Aviel W.
Lay down on your back (on the bed) and hug your knees. The harder you will the stronger this affirmation will be! Good luck. Love you💛❤💚

Norman U.
Feet hip width apart and stand up straight. Then bend over and let your head shoulders and hands drop towards the floor. Keep a slight bend in the knees. You may wish to fold your arms hand to elbow but do what's comfortable. Breathe in to the back and take deep breaths. You can also stay side to side of it feels good.