What’s a simple routine that stretches the whole body?

Jennifer O.
I find something bc as simple as the kind of stretch you do in the morning can get things flowing. Usually, I’m still lying in bed. I take a queue from my cats and just stretch every limb all at once, even stretching like they do at times. It kinda looks funny when I think about it, but without it, I struggle to get out of bed.

Charissa N.
Breathing in and out slowly to start, or to pause. Practice some simple stretches that get the limbs long and the core twisted. I love to sit back on my hips and stretch forward. I also am realizing I have a lot of tension in my shoulders, so some extra work for my triceps and shoulders goes a long way. Once I start stretching I could just keep going-I love it.

Addison S.
I believe showering is a simple routine that stretches the whole body. If not showering, maybe climbing in and out of the bed or breathing

Jeremiah F.
My routine thay strechs the bkdy is to wake up and do my mornig. Stret hes before going on a morning walk. It sets me up for the dya feeling awake and healthy

Karina F.
I really like to just do some yoga in the morning, just a few stretches and I feel better. Here’s some poses you can do to stretch your whole body: downward dog, tree pose, forward fold, and cow face. You can always look them up to!