Are you stretching every day?

Sarah Y.
Yes! Stretching is so important before and after a workout because it improves flexibility as well as preventing soreness and injuries. I also stretch on days I don’t go to the gym because it’s a great way to improve circulation and maintain the flexibility I’ve gained. Plus, it just feels great and it relaxes me too.
Auguste P.
Yes! I look up a morning stretch video, ouer evening one (depending on the time of day) & either get energized or get relaxed! So worth the little time it takes.
My favorite is yoga with Adrienne.
Emma E.
No but as I get more into s routine I believe I will. I'm already feeling the benefit when I do. The fact I just work on what aches is really good
Line U.
I try to stretch every night before going to bed to feel less stiff in the morning. I also stretch my arms and neck in the shower when I have to give the shampoo some time to soak in and function.
Zoe O.
Yes I try to stretch everyday. It’s easy to stretch. I find that I will usually do this habit before most of my other routines
Mitchell G.
Yes. I actually stretch several times a day. Once when I first wake up, again at work after the morning meeting, during the afternoon, and finally before bed.
Christina T.
Yes, i'm stretching every day, twice a day. First, at the morning and the second time is before the afternoon work-out. For stretching I use an app called "Flexibility training & stretching exercise at home".