What do you usually find yourself thinking about while you stretch?

Valentina I.
I think that I am doing something great for me and avoiding any other thought about work or problems. It'a moment in which I am selfish. 😅 My selfish challenge
Susan Z.
How my body and muscles are feeling as I stretch. Where there is tension or not. Noticing that I can stretch more as I do more over time.
Ela N.
I actually concentrate on the stretching of the muscles and how it feels, it’s a good sensation that makes me think this is close to sport
Kristina Z.
My breath. I try to breath deeper so i can relax into the stretch. Stretching can be hard at first but i find with deep breathing it helps to reduce tension so you feel more length.
Jamila Z.
I usually just think about my movements. Am I using correct form, or am I making too much noise?(Do I need to wear a bra for this 🙂
Kendall P.
Usually i tried my Best to don't think about anything, but in my practice and some times my mind flow and Star thinking in The future, in what i havr to do on my Day.
Rosa G.
To be honest, I'd just think about the people in my life and the different problems going on. I know that sound bad, but its better to think about it while stretching then think about it while you're working. Usually I would like to take deep breaths and clear my mind, but clearing my mind gets hard for me, since I always have something going on.
Michelle O.
I usually beat myself for not being fitter, horrors! But then I congratulate myself on how far I've come and try to push further
Clare N.
I think about the ache in the body part I’m stretching and how nice it feels as it eases while I stretch, and how loose it will feel after the stretch.
Emo Z.
Im usually preoccupied with thinking about how badly my body needs it and how good it feels to streatch, I also think about how I wasn't to change by body like for example my flat feet
Michelle E.
I try to think positive while I stretch as I don’t want any negative thoughts to affect me to not do anything . I tell myself that I can do it on my own.
Jesus E.
I tend to use the stretch time as a mindfulness activity so try not to think about anything apart from my breathing and stretch techniques. Random thoughts do try to intrude and when I catch them I return to concentrating on breathing.
Joce I.
I tend to think about how nice it feels to get lengthy. I am taken back to the soccer dome I used to spend 3 nights a week at each winter. A teammate’s older sister took us through a stretching routine and so I always think about touching my left toe while sitting with legs outstretched on the floor. It was a simpler, more hopeful time and I felt in control of body image issues. Take me back is what I think about.
Kiana U.
When I stretch I usually think about being at peace in mind, body and spiritually. And what mean is connecting all of those in one. I’m try to clear up my mind and as I inhale I try to think the most positive things and what I expect from myself tomorrow but being a better version and when I exhale I try to let go of all that stress, negative thoughts, things that have me worrying and then I welcome all my positive energy in.
Sophia C.
How much it hurts, how I should do it more often especially when I'm binding, and how if I stretch more I'll be a better bottom (and probs better top too)
Martina P.
Usually i think of my body and the tension of my muscles. I started to do sport not long time ago and i’m not used to feel the intensity of my movements and i love it.
Brande Q.
I think about what to stretch next, if I stretched what I was stretching adequately, and if I should keep stretching beyond that minute. That last thought usually takes me down a rabbit hole about what I need to get done in the immediate time frame, and thus results in my stretching ending. I usually stretch for more than a minute, but haven't stretched more than 5. I would like to stretch more.