What are your stretch habits?

Gudrun E.
I stretch every night before bed and in the morning when I can, doing it before bed is a great way to sooth and relax your body for a better sleep and if you get the chance in the morning a great way to start the day fresh.
Andrea P.
I go through a Sun Salutation when I wake up. Start arms up, welcoming the sun down to me, before folding over to touch my toes, adjusting my knees and back to wiggle through any muscles that are sore. Roll up slowly, vertebra by vertebra until I'm standing tall with shoulders back.
Louella Q.
After I enjoy my morning coffee and news, I start getting ready for the day. This begins with the stretch, my yoga mat is already laid out from the night before as a reminder.
Frank I.
I usually start by stretching out my legs, then work on my shoulders. I think about where I feel tension and work on those areas.
Brent J.
I like to walk for about 10 minuets first, even if I am just walking around the house while listening to music. Then I follow a 10min yoga video on your tube for do the daily 1 mon stretch from the app if I am pressed for time. This way I make sure I stretch every morning; starting small. If I say 45min of yoga every morning I know I won't do it.
Peter X.
I stretch in the morning to wake up my muscles from sleeping. I do my legs first because those feel the best. Then, I do my arms and back and repeat the process twice more. If my muscles are still feeling sleepy, I might do another round. Sometimes I stretch at night, but nothing feels as good as that morning stretch.
Ma Wenn B.
I stretch throughout the day and usually at home (I have a home office). When I worked in an office I did an office chair yoga routine. It was a life saver.
Lylou Y.
Each morning shortly after waking up – two morning salutations, two sun salutations and some cat/dog/cow poses.. Then for the last stretch I try to feel what my body really needs and do that. Often triangle, warrior, dancer or half moon. This really kicks of my morning in a great way, I haven't had back pain since (or so rarely I can't remember it). I also stretch after a workout, depending on which muscle group I've targeted.
Albert Z.
I stretch every day, often long yoga sessions but sometimes shorter periods of stretching before bed or first thing into he morning.
Mya Q.
Thank you for asking me a different question greatly appreciated ☺️ but when I stretch I always stretch my back and wrist the most I do legs and arms but my stretching always corresponds to the activity I will do next if I’m doing a workout I’ll do a full body stretch if I’m playing a sport then a quick 1 min stretch is good if I am at dance a full body stretch plus mini workout👌🏽 or I’ll do a few body twist through out the day