What is the shortest routine to stretch the whole body?

Gerard F.
Touch your toes, arm circles on both arms, lunges on both legs, roll out your ankles, wrists, and neck, and shoulders, shake it all out.

S A.
Not sure there is a shortest routine. But plenty of apps can give you good full body stretch routines for morning and evening.some can be thorough and as quick as a few mins.

Enola P.
The shortest routine to stretch the whole body begins in bed pointing toes southward and raising arms above head northward. This can be done while lying on the back. Then turn over to lay on the stomach and raise and lower the feet while bending the leg at the knee. The same can ve done with the arms, bending at the elbow. Next, rotate hands in a circular fashion at the wrist, first one direction, then the other. The same can be done with the feet, rotating them at the ankles. Then point and flex feet, followed by bending wrists, pointing the fingers forward then backward. Lastly, bend backward by doing a modified push up. Perform the action of a push up, bending back at the waist and leaving the body flat from the hips down.