What time of day do you stretch and why?

Justine O.
Morning because It is a time to check in with my body. Notice how rested I am, where do I need to pay attention to during the day
Kristin P.
Morning and night. Morning to get the blood flowing and hype me up to get out of bed. Night time to get all the tension out
Sarah G.
In the mornings. It's in my morning routine so it's becoming automatic now. Either before or after exercise. Before is best, but if I forget then I do it afterwards. I feel heaps better after a good stretch! I'm sure it helps your body out as it ages. Happy stretching…
Maycee C.
Both in the morning and before bed. In the morning before my exercise and before bed because it loosens my muscles up. ❤️
Bill S.
Stretching is a big part of my morning routine. As soon I wake at 7am I drink 600ml of H20, I pray (meditate) & then get outta bed to stretch. It prepares my body for my morning walk, giving me energy & lymbisity.
Iraci T.
I'm juuuust starting to add stretching to my routine, but so far I stretch first thing in the morning because I can easily meditate after and then journal and it's kind of a nice, mind-body-spirit triangle to start the day. I also stretch at night bc I find myself in a bad mood at night pretty frequently and I'm trying to find a way to chill out about it