Is it enough to stick to one streching routine?

Eyfa F.
Yes, make it habit for the time being first and if you feel like you wanna add more certain exercise, feel free to do so.
Isabella E.
It is enough, as long as you are consistent. I typically do 7 types of stretches each morning, and it takes no more than 5-7 minutes to complete them. Do what makes you feel good and helps you cease the day the best! Good luck! 💓🌸
Jackey P.
This is the beginning for me, so right now, one routine is enough. One routine is good for me now & a fantastic start, but I am looking to expand in the future. 🙂
Laura T.
Daily stretching is recommended, sometimes even twice a day if you have problem areas. It might be a good idea to have different stretches for each day of the week and stick with a routine. In the long-term, this will help with strength and flexibility in those areas.