Is it ok to start stretching right after getting up in the morning?

Martha Wood
Yes. If your body has been in a resting position for so many hours, stretching it out is a good thing first thing in the morning.

Timeo Laurent
Lightly stretching should be fine. You wouldn't want to do a very deep stretch anytime your body is not warmed up (from activity).

Before activity, a light stretch is good… and a deeper (more thorough) stretch after.

Anton Poulsen
I believe you should stretch for a few minutes in the morning. Your muscles need to warm up before a workout, so why shouldn’t they need a warm up before your day starts?

Mildred Wagner
I think, it is ok, because 1st – training muscals, 2d – stretching musculs. Body prefer in work. Good mood in morning, energy for all day.

Doris Moreno
Yes! I begin stretching slowly while I am still in bed. This helps warm up my muscles and allows for greater flexibility in my joints. Always remember to hydrate and listen to your body. Keep smiling!

Amalie Nielsen
I’d say it depends on how nimble you are. For some I’d say definitely, but myself, I need a couple of minutes to wake up, get the day going and then stretch.