Is it ok to start stretching right after getting up in the morning?

Martha J.
Yes. If your body has been in a resting position for so many hours, stretching it out is a good thing first thing in the morning.
Anton C.
I believe you should stretch for a few minutes in the morning. Your muscles need to warm up before a workout, so why shouldn’t they need a warm up before your day starts?
Timeo Y.
Lightly stretching should be fine. You wouldn't want to do a very deep stretch anytime your body is not warmed up (from activity).

Before activity, a light stretch is good… and a deeper (more thorough) stretch after.

Amalie A.
I’d say it depends on how nimble you are. For some I’d say definitely, but myself, I need a couple of minutes to wake up, get the day going and then stretch.
Mildred J.
I think, it is ok, because 1st – training muscals, 2d – stretching musculs. Body prefer in work. Good mood in morning, energy for all day.
Doris Z.
Yes! I begin stretching slowly while I am still in bed. This helps warm up my muscles and allows for greater flexibility in my joints. Always remember to hydrate and listen to your body. Keep smiling!