Are there stretches you prefer as a warm up as opposed to when your already warmed up?

Onildo N.
Yes. The not warmed up stretches i do, i do in the morning, right after I wake up.
It's like the sun saluton, with some upper body side stretches to get my juices flowing.
Makes me feel more ready to meet the day ahead of me.
Mirjam X.
Its definitely important to limber up before undertaking a long 'stretching' activity such as yoga, pilates or tai chi.
Ellen S.
I pick places where I need to release tension, opposed to where I want to increase flexibility when I am warming up – neck and shoulders.

After I am warm up I will focus on legs and hips because the stretches are more fluid and deeper.

Eva C.
I prefer to do my stretching after my workout, when my muscles are warmed up. I’m more limber then. I mostly do yoga floor poses and hold them.
Maddison P.
Forward stretch, hanging down with arms folded above my head. Releases a lot of tightness in my back and gets the blood pumping.
Lou S.
They feel so much better because you can feel your body waking up and you know your body will feel better through the day because of it.