Share you favorite stretching technique!

Andrea C.
Take a hot shower then just sit down spread eagle and stretch as far as you can, then stretch hamstrings one at a time, then groin by pushing knees into the ground, stretch arms behind your head.
Johanne U.
Lay on your back. Pull your left knee towards your chest and then rotate your hip out, trying to touch your pinky toe to the floor. At the same time, raise your right straight above head like you are trying to change a light bulb. Hold for 6-12 breaths and change sides.
Lic Lia Z.
Starting from the top of the body and working down, ensure I stretch for min of 5 mins after my morning exercise as an active cool down is so easy to fit into the day.
Anna Maria F.
Yoga is more than stretching. The right routine/instructor creates an environment where it is an experience. I can take the time to breathe, explore my body (instead of being in my head) an reflect.
Beverly S.
I love yoga. If I don't have time to do a whole routine, then I will do a quick sun salutation or just a quick run through of my faves. This would include dead bug, lotus, mountain pose….so on and so forth. Just depends on what is sore.
Wanda P.
Hello, dear Fabulous friend! My favorite one is a Puppydog pose from yoga. It's really great for neck and upper back. And I also like "Sun salutation", it warms up and stretches the whole body. Wishing you a great day 🍀