Do you focus more on stretching before or after a workout?

Sabrina Y.
I focus in stretching after warm up and at the end of my workout. At the beginning it is more gentle. To start I only go to my minimum and focus more on releasing tension. At the end of the workout I then focus on flexibility. As I train to gain flexibility my stretching workout will be a mix of active and passive stretch and last for 45 min to 1 hour.
Diba U.
Hi, I totally prefer before workout. It helps me set me my mood for working out and it's also important to get your body warmed up before workout. ALSO ALWAYS PUT ON SOME MUSIC. It seriously helps 🙂
Maria C.
Definitely before. It's really important to stretch before your workout and pay attention to it because if you don't you may harm yourself.
Chilly T.
Both, it's always best to do stretching before so not to hurt or strain muscles. Then it's best to do a slow down stretching after working up to slow down heart rate and to easy and relax those muscles