My hamstrings are as tight as a rubber band, what stretches or yoga poses do you reccomend?

Lina L.
Grab your elbows and let yourself bend forwards freely for 1-2 Minutes. Or if your back hurts, lay on your back,bend your knees at 90 degrees and grab one leg under the knee with two handsuand try to stay like this for 1 minute. Try keeping your upper body straight.

Sophia N.
Yoga pose- Downward facing dog the sequence of that stretches the hamstrings. Make sure to use you’re breathe throughout the sequence.

Right leg stretch bring you’re other leg in to you’re thigh. Than alternate to left.

Leah M.
Forward folds. Keep your eyes closed and back straight. Eyes closed means you'll not have visuals to trigger mental boundaries so you'll push yourself deeper. Use a band or tie to hold your feet flexed and together, pulling a deeper stretch. Standing forward folds, letting your upper half go limp while you push your chest to your thighs is also great.

Hillary S.
I used the ones that the app recommended to me with the stretch challenge and those were great to begin with! I've also been searching YouTube each morning for short and simple 10 minute yoga workouts and trying a different one each day.

Rh P.
Recommend to do Yin yoga, which stays in a pose for a longer period of time, up to 2 minutes. I found this very useful for stretching the hamstrings. Usually till halfway, I found myself can bend a little deeper. And after 2-3 days the flexibility improved significantly.

Can find yin yoga in Down dog app. And choose Yin yoga with emphasis on hamstring stretch. They are all free till May 1.
Good luck!

Aquila Z.
A few hamstring stretches or some yoga poses can help with this. Walking around for a couple minutes may also help to loosen up.

Megan E.
Basic bending down and touching your toes or a laying down hamstring stretch using a band to pull each leg closer to you. This also helps in stretching the lower back and glutes.

Lex M.
First of all, if your hamstrings are really sore, you should go to the doctors. But if they aren't sore try these stretches. The Lying hamstring stretch is really good for sore muscles. Lay down on your back and lift your leg up and hold it. Don’t stretch it too hard, as you could pull the muscle. I hope you get better! xx

Stefanie Q.
Thank you for your question.

I do understand your pain. I am dealing with a similar situation actually. I am not an expert of human body so I can tell you what worked for me so far.

I try to apply a core principle of Yin Yoga which basically about not forcing your body to do a certain posture but simply leave gravity to its job.

So in other words, put yourself in the respective position that you are doing and don't force. If you feel pain just put yourself in a more comfortable position until you feel your body works but there is no pain or high discomfort.

I hope it helps and don't forget that the more you often you do it the better results.

Wish you a beautiful day ♡♡♡

Anna Lisa N.
Ease into downward dog with your knees bent and straighten one leg at a time in a soft and loving way recognizing all your body’s hard work and need for undivided attention at this precious time❤️

Kwiitchiin N.
I’m not sure if I’m the to ask, as I have been inching towards regaining my flexibility after a terrible cycling accident and have only just been able to sit my hips on my heels this year after three years. However, sinking the heels during downward dog is a tremendous venture towards the gentle care of hamstring stretching—gentle being the key word. I hope this to be helpful.