What are some stretches that y’all do?

Romy N.
I like to do the classic butterfly leg stretch I feel that it really helped the muscles in my upper legs and hips stretch out. I also lay on my back and put one leg over my body while turning my back the other direction to help my back pain from a previous injury.

Allie P.
Since I’m in a workout program, I do the ones with Athlean-X on Youtube because he’s a physical therapist for major league baseball teams. Just search “Athlean-X shoulder/leg/chest/etc. stretch” on Youtube

Josefine B.
i do basic ones like lunges, arms, splits etc but sometimes i use one of the apps guided stretching, those ones have more complex stretches

T Cio S.
Cobra, pancake and stretches to get into my splits. Mine are less for relaxation and more for flexibility for polefitness