What are your go-to stretches?

Jessie J.
My go-to stretches are definitely splits and lunges since i still have the ability of doing a full split because of gymnastics. I like to begin in a lunge and get deeper and deeper into a split on my good leg, afterwards i like to try my best at middle splits.
Jonas W.
my go to stretches are ones i can do in bed. i like to do wide legged child pose, spinal twist, neck, ankle and wrist circles, etc.
Flenn R.
I have minor Scoliosis, so I suffer from back pain often. My favorite stretches that help relieve my pain are the Cat-Cow, Downward Dog, Child's Position, and Serpent yoga positions. I also do Full-Roll-Downs, which help elongate & realign your spine (sit up on the floor with legs laying straight in front of you, stretch arms out straight forward, then slowly lie down one vertebrae at a time as you inhale & raise your arms up over your head until they're touching the floor; then slowly come back up as you exhale).
Antoine T.
They are simply stretching your body to the Max . I do them by keeping my legs apart as much as I can and raising my forearms .
Larry U.
I do basic stretches to get me going like hugging my knee into my chest and holding it, then the other knee, then bending my knees and lower body to one side but twisting my upper body in the opposite direction; raising my arms above my head and stretching feet and toes the opposite direction. I also get on all fours and do cat stretches. Any kind of stretch will work just fine though
Beatrice Q.
Using a wall, stand with one side touching and bring the opposite arm up over your head and to wall. Do 5 times each side.
Lily G.
I usually do the Yoga Sun Salutation and/or the 10-min Stretching exercice from the make me fabulous tab. Sometimes I add other stretching exercices I learned from Pilates
Marie Luise Z.
Hmm, My stretch routine is I start with my legs standing up and I do each side and middle. For my arms I do my arms and my biceps. I stretch my wrists and ankles and also my head! Every morning and night!!! 😊