How long do you usually stretch?!

Britney Z.
In the mornings, 3-5 minutes. It really helps me to wake up and focus on the day. In the evening, 5-10 minutes. It really helps relax my body before I settle in for the night!
Edwin S.
I'm not particularly flexible and I don't want to overextert myself before sleep, which is when I usually stretch, so I'd usually stretch for around 7 minutes but as I get more comfortable and less stiff, I'll slowly add 10 more seconds of stretching until I get to 10 minutes.
Mikkel C.
Each day is different. Depending on how my body feels and how much time I have. I discipline myself to a few blocks of time morning noon and evening.
Jeanette Z.
I started stretching with Fabulous in the morning. I do it for 1 minute with the app couter. Start with raising arms them lower them to try to touch toes, then neck and torso movements and finally raise and lower legs. Done 🙂
Florent C.
When im just stretching to get my body warmed up, it varies between 3-7 minutes. If I'm trying to improve my flexibility it'll be at least double
Linda N.
Normally for ten minutes. The “be Fabulous” option here gives only one session for stretching, but it’s a good one.
If I don’t have time to do it, or I’m in a silly place, I’ll usually only stretch for a few minutes, doing stretches I know will help at that time.
Regardless of how long you stretch, I think stretching at all helps and that’s what counts 😁
Augustin Y.
i usually stretch when i wake up so i can move better for about 30 seconds but i'm going to try to turn that into a habit and even practice yoga
Liliane E.
If morning i do a short one. Mostly i dont have time and in the morning cant do a long one, so i just start with the simple few min, sometimes even one minute stretch. This helps later to continue daily workout.
Holly C.
From 5 to 9 minutes. It is comfy and relaxing, so I want it to last forever, nevertheless I cannot – tick tock, work and daily duties are waiting! 🙁