I have no idea what stretches to do can you recommended some to me

Maria T.
I start from the neck and move down to my feet.

I very slowly lower my chin to chest then stretch my chin up. I have vertigo so I am conscientious and careful not to jolt my head or move to quick.

I also stretch using a wall for balance.

Bertram E.
1) Standing with a tabble or chair as a prop, stretch one leg backwards, placing the heel down to stretch out the calf muscle. Hold for 30 second and repeat on the other leg.
2) Stand up tall with hands in the air and lean to one side to stretch the whole side of your body. Repeat to the other side.
3) Stand straight keeping your feet in the same position and swing hands continuously to each side slapping them gently on your side or buttocks to refresh self. This should be done in a smooth flowing motion.
Amore E.
Both hands stretched high, grab hold of one wrist with the opposite hand and pull it slowly over your head for a side stretch. Repeat for the other side.

Fold at the waist and flip your hands as close to the floor as your can. Grab hold of the opposite elbow of each arm and gently swing side to side from the hips. You should gradually get lowers