What part of my body should I stretch the most?

Iarina G.
You should stretch all te body parts. You should try to stretch like this: 1.The head 2.The arms 3. the back4.the legs
I hope that i helped you!
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Arkid X.
The simple answer: the one you exercise the most.
The more complicated answer: either your arms or your legs, whichever gets more sore after you workout. If you're stretching just for flexibility, then I would definitely recommend stretching your shoulders and your legs.
Kuntal T.
Your Mind. Once your mind starts getting streched you'll automatically know what all good you need to do to keep your best life.
Sen Sen Fiefie N.
Definitely stretch your legs the most. You use them the most and the majority of cardio revolves around their usage. Also, it just feels way better to have stretched-out legs and not have to worry about pulling any muscles or straining them too much.