What’s a good stretch for tight hamstrings and hips?

Kelly Bryant
It helps my body and me feel loos and energized, and for the long run it strengthens and makes the muscles long and hard

Katrine Olsen
I don’t know, maybe squats, lunges, doing a butterfly and touching your nose to your foot, and probably the hamstring stretch I found on google.

Gerlinde Eickhoff
Lubię pozycje z jogi. Skłony rozciągają mięśnie wewnętrzne które trzymają całe ciało. Na uda zawsze dobre są przysiady. Na ręce też Skłony i skręty.

Meinrad Drescher
Laying on your back with your legs straight. Cross one leg over the other, keeping it straight (but bend the knee slightly for comfort). Now lift that top leg about 12 inches from the floor, keeping your back flat on the floor, twist your top hip enough to bring your leg up toward your waist. Hold the stretch, then bend your knee to allow your foot to rest on the floor while you sink into it. When you are comfortable in the position, again straighten your leg and bring it a little higher. Repeat and then stretch the other side