What are your stretch movements?

Birgit E.
Cat/cow stretch
Sphinx pose
Child’s pose
Downward facing dog
Thread the needle
Warriors 1,2,3
Dancer pose
Lizard pose
Half runners stretch
Luana Y.
My first stretch of the day is the yoga pose, extended child’s pose, which I do in bed. I stay in that position, breathing purposeful and in my mind, saying my affirmations that encourage me to get out of bed (which I never want to do, so I have to make myself get up)
Mia Z.
I stretch by folding forward, and then folding forward sideways. I then stretch myself tall. I also bend 90 degrees on the bed to give my back and nice stretch.
Angelo Q.
I like touching my toes, holding, and then slowly raising my body up my spine, feeling every vertebrae align, finally getting to my head. Breathe deeply throughout!