Is it good to do the same things every day or should change exercises?

Cherry S.
I think its good to have certain things you do everyday but add something new one day a week. This way you get a total body workout everyday & target a certain area one day a week. You can customize however you like.

Lauren Y.
What i recommend you do is have a different routine every day. Do HIIT atleast twice a week, Cardio atleast twice week and Weight training once a week. Hope this helps! 🙂

Mary N.
Doing the same thing everyday till it became part of our daily routine is good but along the way changing some of it to new things to be done daily also will be good so to regain a new excitement obtaining new habits and new experiences

Eberardo P.
Improving your self with daily exercises creates a good habits to replace bad ones .

I hope I interpreted the question right. 𓂸