I have difficulty getting up in the mornings. How do you get yourself moving in the morning?

Franziska F.
I get up at 3 am and the motivation is just that we should keep a alarm that will say our to do work in our own voice.
And after some days u don't need it because you will get the habit.
And take atleast 6hrs sleep.
Sleep early wake up early.
Ruby F.
Mainly my alarm clock, lol. However I fix my coffee, lay out my clothes and prepare for the following day the night before. So when I get up all I have to do is hit a button to start the coffee. Then off to my porch, while everyone is asleep, this is where I do my gratitude and manifesting of intentions. Enjoying the birds chirping, flying to my bird feeder and just enjoy those moments undisturbed and really reflect.
Stephen G.
I dont even think about it, I dont give myself the option, I might not get up if I think about how much I really dont want to, but I just have to, so no thinking about it, just get up, it’s pretty much automatic now!
Anthony C.
I need to get up early to go to work so I can't delay getting up too much. If you don't unnecessarily have to get up, then it's hard to do it just for the sake of getting up early. Like with everything, I would work with small steps. What time do you typically get up? What's the earliest you can get up without much effort? Let's say 10am. Try to get up 5 minutes earlier for a week. Can you do that? Once you got used to the new time, try to get up a bit earlier still and do this for a week. When I started the app, I realised I needed to get up 20 minutes earlier in order to do all the routine tasks! 6.45am instead of 7.05am. I thought I'd be hard. It is a bit hard still, but I start gently, for example I drink water (which wakes me up), then I sit in bed and do the breathing exercise. Then I meditate. By the time I've done all this, it's 7.10am and it's the time I'd get up anyway, but I've already completed 3 tasks of my routine. So the trick ia that I sit in bed (I still feel the cosiness of the bed from the waist down while I'm waking up from the waist up…).
Eva O.
I find the secret is to expose myself to a ton of light – at least 6 – 60 Watt equivalent bulbs. You can put them on a timer to turn on about 1/2 hour before you wake up!
Elias F.
It starts with getting enough sleep at night and having a consistent sleep and wake schedule. By adding something you enjoy in your morning routine first thing, it makes waking up less taxing.
Martha Y.
Although it can be annoying at times, I put my alarm somewhere where I can not reach it from my bed, forcing me to get up. From there, Fabulous reminds me to drink water, something that wakes me up and gets me moving for the day. After that, you just have to use different strategies to continue with your productive morning. One thing that is often helpful after conquering the challenge of getting up is setting time limits. If you know that you only have a certain amount of time to shower, get dressed, etc, then you are less likely to get sidetracked and do things that would hinder the process of your productive morning.
Ferdinanda A.
I also have that issue… I have to say to myself, “You are waking up for a reason today, don’t ignore that purpose.” That usually gives me the motivation to get moving even on the most sluggish of mornings.
Constance E.
Which aspect is difficult?
Maybe you don't have to get moving????
If you have a work place to go to on time and someone is expecting you to be there, you cant do that…

For me going to bed early enough, putting my phone in a different room from my bedroom and then setting a phone alarm when I want to get up is how I get up.
At the end of the day do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good, comfortable, soothed, relaxed, and happy.

Gabriel Z.
Drinking a lot of water helps in relaxing the body to get to the sleeping mood
Say I will get up and I trust my body to do that
And when he didn't don't be angry with him just continue trying
Choose a certain gaol to wake up to
Choose something you enjoy early morning and focus on it all day long
Benjamin U.
THink that I wanna eat a very gooood beackfast. Because I make the breakfast , and takes time .. I know that I need to get up !!! 😀😊
M Lina Y.
I wake up very tired and chug some water as an attempt to help myself wake up. This usually works and I am already quite awake by this time, I then stretch to further wake up. Once I’ve done that I get dressed and go downstairs to brush my teeth.
Annedore E.
If you feel enough rested you won't need a motivation it will just happen. So the key is sleep well . Tey and observer the body's need of sleep.
Brett G.
I set my time log for an upcoming day so I have more determined plan when I wake up instead of waking up with no to do list !
Fabio E.
I say to myself “You can do it , you are stronger that you think.” And leave the bed. Sometimes I need to say it a few times, It is no easy.
Charly Y.
Well, for me I get up once, and try avoid sitting in my bed. I go to bathroom, and I do some other things like eating my breakfast. Later than, with my body ready, I make my bed
Jonas E.
Talking to my brain before I fall asleep and telling myself that I will wake refreshed and ready to go with my alarm.

Keeping my alarm in a place that requires me to get out of bed to turn it off.