Can I still do splits regardless of my age? Am I too old to be that flexible? How long will it take?

Katherine C.
yes, I think everyone can. Consistency is key, so everyday, maybe twice, stretch. Start gently and go on listening to your body. Have discipline and you’ll see results💪🏻🤸🏻‍♀️
Angela N.
With daily practice and stretching, I've seen people in their 90s do splits. You are never too old! There are great tutorials online on how to work to obtain that goal in manageable daily goals. Because every body is different, there's no way to tell exactly how long that will take, but keep at it and you'll be doing splits in no time! Good luck!
Everett O.
Oh this is cute.
No one is too old for anything!!! Remember this. If your flexible, go for the splits. If you can still do these then go for it. Outs better to be flexible as we get older so we're not stiff in our joints & muscles…
Out shouldn't take but a cpl weeks our so to get their, just ease into them so you don't pull any muscles and cause pain in your inner thighs.
Best of luck to you on your splits..
Tilde P.
Age is just a number. If you wanna be able do splits you can practice it one step after another, maybe in a few weeks you’ll be happy and proud to do splits.
Annie S.
You should have included your age in this question… Getting older is going to make it harder, but with appropriate training and healthy joints, you can do the splits regardless of age. It will take a long time, for sure, but it depends on each person's abilities. It can take a month, or two, or three… Even a year. But don't let that demotivate you, if you want your splits you'll have them.
Ramon F.
It’s all about patience man. Of course it’ll be harder as you grow older but you’re better than those who aren’t trying!
Amy Z.
Regardless of age you can still do splits. It takes training to do them and if u do it everyday you should be bale to do them in no time