Which body stretches do you think are the most beneficial?

Ricardo F.
side stretched and stretches for your back i feel like are most important because you that’s where most tenstion builds up around your back.
Constance O.
The right one for your daily activities. If you work on a computer for example, strech your back and fingers are the most beneficial
Philip A.
I believe the most beneficial body stretches are influenced by several factors including, but not limited to your age, activity level, body type, and environment.
I have found that incorporating a full body stretch routine with a little more emphasis on hip stretches works best for me. However, with being pregnant, there are limits to how far I’ll push certain stretches right now.
If you are just starting out, easing into it and using assists like a trusted partner or blocks and straps will help push those stop points a little further, while minimizing injury. If unsure, always listen to your body.
Nanna W.
I used to think stretching the parts that I used the most or that were sore was the best. I have some chronic health conditions now and I'm older and now I think it's really important to stretch everything including your hands and your feet your fingers and your toes. Keeping your neck back and hips flexible as you get older is important too.
Qu Nia T.
I think back and shoulders need a lot of stretching than people give credit for. Especially in a work culture that is dependent on sitting at a desk most of the time, these muscles need care. But overall stretching before and after a workout is important.
Caroline P.
The ones for the back – as the back is the core of the body and has more muscles. In case of sitting job, it’s really necessary
Constance P.
I feel the Forward Bend, Triangle Asana, and Wide Leg Forward Bend are because they stretch the body especially the glutes, hamstrings, and calves. Most have very tight hamstrings so this helps them relax.