What benefits have you noticed from stretching?

Miqueias Q.
Less back problems. The ability to relax better. A real appreciation for the need to take good care of the only body you have.
Stanley U.
I usually strech during or after my 30 min of power that I do first thing every morning.

I listen to the Tony Robbins hour of power tape on Sound cloud and start walking outdoors right away. The breathing pattern, upbeat music, energising voice of Tony and gratitude / visualization excercises give me a super boost for the day.

At the end of it I sometimes really feel like running. Then I take some light stretch which for me means taking care of myself. Means getting my body in a fresh prepared state, with full control and flexibility. With a sense of completeness.

Rita J.
I haven't really noticed any benefits, I guess it just helps me wake up and the one time I didn't do it this week I kind of missed it.
Ramna C.
I noticed that if I stretch in the morning I feel more comfortable with my body and more agile and energetic the rest of the day.
Selma W.
I’ve noticed that I’m less stiff when I get up from sitting down for longer periods of time. There are also less creeks and pops from my knees when I kneel down.