Are there particular stretches that are better to do in the morning in order to get your body moving?

Heidi F.
I found neck stretches particularly useful in the morning. Shoulders strath is helpful too. The plank at the end is what you need to feel like a winner!
Melco E.
I like to stretch everything. Literally start at the top of your head and work down, all the way out to your fingertips and toes. I like to lie down on the bed or on the floor and tense up every muscle in my body one at a time, hold for like five seconds, then release and relax. When I do it that way, I feel in control of my body and I know where the areas of pain or tension are right of the bat so I can focus on alleviating them throughout my morning routine.
Ben E.
I find gentle full body stretching (like sun salutations) great for first thing in the morning. Sun salutations are simple, slow, but thoroughly invigorating.
Amaury E.
Not really for me. I just do whatever stretches and it wakes me up cause I have to push harder. So maybe like harder stretches are good. Yeah! That’s it! Harder ones
Eve C.
I like to stick to smaller stretches in the morning mainly bc I'm busier and have 3 young nephews running around me so a few lunges along with the cat pose and cow pose are a few simple stretches s to ger your blood pumping!😀
Hans Jochen B.
I like to stretch in bed before I get up that way I know I’m good to go as soon as my feet hit the floor. While still lying on my back in bed I stretch my arms overhead and then stretch each leg up to the ceiling and rotate my ankles. I will usually do a spinal twist as well to stretch out my hips and IT band. It beats stumbling out of bed with sleepy limbs and tripping over furniture!
Brandon P.
I’ve found stretching in general – reaching for the sky / touching toes, while taking deep breaths is more than enough. I feel off if I don’t do it now.
Danny A.
Absolute best stretches are done hot yoga or aquasize
Both allow for easy stretching with no risk of injury
Downward dog
Leg stretches
Side leg stretches
Stretch and hold the pose
Carl Z.
I dont know. I only know a couple of stretches, but in the morning I think I do more downward facing dog and leg stretches, whereas at night I usually do some shoulder rolls and arm stuff in addition to the regular leg stretches. I love to stretch at night because it really helps me relax and get into the mood to sleep. I highly recommend stretching at night, even if it sounds weird to you.
Tilde E.
Good Morning a Fabulous user;
On am stretches their really isn't special morning ones to do, just what ever works for you to get you feel like you're ready to conquer the day ahead!!! So what ever feels good to you, go for it.
Happy stretching to ya.
Cildo A.
Cat stretches all morning! As medical staff myself it's a great way to ensure the blood flow and breaf free all of lactate acid from the joints