Do you find it harder to stretch first thing on a morning?

Mitchell Z.
Yes, i find it hard to strech right away. However, i find it easy to strech after eating breakfast instead. Since i've eaten and i am full, my body finds it easy to strech out.
Bradley F.
No I actually find it much more revitalizing than stretching later on in the day. I actually have to take some moments throughout my day to stretch more often.
Falc O Z.
To be honest i enjoy doing that but the very first thing I do is brushing my teeth and going to the bathroom 🚽.. After that i go breathing and then stretching 😘
Diane E.
I do a 2 minute stretch right when I wake up. Arms to the sky above my head. Stand and touch your toes. This makes me aware of anywhere else that may need an extra stretch! Start small! Dont go for a 20 minute thing, just get your blood flowing a little so you get that Morning Routine knocked out!
Joe P.
I have built a stretch into my afternoon routine rather than morning. I am not a morning person so yes I do find it difficult to do anything first thing in the morning.
Vilar N.
Yes, I do. It’s like my body hasn’t woken up enough to get going physically for at least an hour! It really sucks because I’d like to do yoga as part of my morning routine but it doesn’t feel good. The one minute stretch feels good to kick start my body though, I’ve been doing that for a few days. I’m still struggling to find the right place for morning exercise on my routine…
Ugo Z.
Waking up and stretching is a blessing. It is saying a friendly hello to your body first thing in the morning. It is saluting the vessel that shuttles your soul through the world. Waking up and stretching is waking up and loving yourself
Freja B.
No! Honestly I wake up feeling tight and stiff often, so being able to slowly move and wake up my muscles with gentle stretches feels fantastic.