I don’t spend more than a few seconds stretching and wonder if I should consider that stretching?

Cindy Y.
You should really stretch for a minimum of 30 seconds. It takes that long for the brain to recognize that your stretching and will therefore relax your muscles. Remember no pain. It should feel good. If it hurts your doing it wrong.
Christine G.
No worries, any stretching is better than none! A good way to increase your practice, though, is to add the Stretch habit to your routines more than once a day – just to remind you to stretch after sitting at a desk, before meals, at bedtime, etc. Before you know it you'll feel the benefits! And a great next step after that is to try just one easy yoga pose once a day. And so on, until you look forward to the relaxing stretching times. That's worked great for me. Good luck!
Alexandra N.
I do not bother myself with how to call it until it gives me the result I want. I have been doing stretching of 1 same zone for 1-2 minutes every morning and evening for a couple of months and I do see a positive result now 💁‍♀️
Ariovalda Q.
Personally I don’t think that can be considered stretching. You should keep the position for more than just a few seconds. Just make sure you don’t reach the position too quickly or you may experience stretch reflex. Get slowly to the position to the point that you feel the muscles are stretching but it’s not hurting and then keep the position for a little while to begin with; then you can increase the amount of time that you spend stretching.