What’s your favourite stretching move? Favourite time to stretch?

Danny S.
Go from plank to one leg up to cobra pose. And in the morning… it is a good way to wake up and start the day. It also helps get the muscles moving and working

Adam P.
My favourite stretching move is pulling my arms & legs to stretch and my favourite time to stretch is in the morning after I wake up and at night before I go to bed.

Kalina F.
Stretching gives me the motivation to start off my day and be productive, I usually stretch right after I wake up and before and after workout.

Alberte W.
My favorite stretch move is sitting down and laying my legs straight out, dont bend ur knees, and reaching with your hands pass your toes, or as far as you can go. My favorite time to stretch is at the end of the day but im working on stretching in the morning now when i wake up.

Emie Y.
The cobra. I really like it because it's very easy to do and also super relaxing. I like doing it at night you know after a warm shower.

Antoine Y.
I like to sit back, do my arms in the air and do a long stretch back. It's relaxing my back and giving me the opportunity to move some more. If I sit still the whole time it makes my back relaxed and less hurt. I do it when I feel sad becouse I feel free after stretching.

Liran O.
My favourite stretches would probably be sphinx, child pose, crocodile pose and the 90/90 stretch. I stretch twice a day, as early in the morning as I can and before bed, both times directly after exercise, when my muscles are still warmed up.

Katie J.
I like the butterfly stretches the most, but I have difficulty doing them – both because of strength/stretch as well as space to move around. My favorite time to stretch is before morning coffee

Cameron Z.
my favourite stretch would have to be anything lying down or sitting down. i find it so much easier to relax. a few of my favourite stretched right now are child’s pose, cobra and pigeon. for time, there is no certain time of day that i set aside to stretch. i just do it when it feels right. that could be as soon as i wake up or before i go to bed.

C Ndido Q.
i don’t really have a favourite stretching move, but i really like the spine twist and the butterfly pose. i like stretching out in the morning, in the evening or after i workout, but most likely i just do it whenever i feel like it.

Arlene P.
My favourite stretching move is from standing up bending my head down, then slowly follow with the shoulders and back, thinking I'm stretching my vertebraes one by one, till I touch the floor with my hands: first just the fingertips, then all fingers, then my palms.
I like doing it in the morning, but any time of the day, too.

Cora Z.
Probably squats. It is both helping you keep a steady balance and making sure your thighs are strong for running, jogging and even walking. I still enjoy all others though at try new ones out oftenly.

Andrea T.
My favorite stretching move is child pose, it really helps with back and shoulders. And I think my favorite time to stretch it's early in the morning (7am) that way I start my day open mind and relax

Mar Lia Z.
I don't really have a fav stretching move, I do stretching for fun. I prefer to do it in the morning as soon as I wake up

Anna Z.
My favourite move is plank and my favourite time is earlier in morning as the air is fresh and you become energetic for the whole day.

Brooklyn N.
I do my quick stretch in the morning once I’m out of bed. I like to focus on stretching my legs, especially after sleeping(I keep my knees bent when I sleep a lot)

Joshua N.
i love stretching out my arms. usually the good old twisting behind my head and holding it for a little while will do me good. stretching out my legs straight after a while of sitting curled up is also fantaaastic. it’s perfect.

Madlen E.
I like stretching at night best because it helps me to wind down after being active or in uncomfortable positions all day. I like stretching out my back most because I have a lot of back pain and it feels nice to stretch. I also enjoy stretching my entire body so that everything gets moved and feels better.

Albert C.
I like to stretch before my sport routine, and before yoga
My favorite stretching move is standing and bending my head and arms down

Ivana X.
My favorite stretch is probably seal stretch or splits. My favorite time to stretch is definitely the morning but I also like the evening.

Constance F.
My favorite are the back stretches as I feel great relief stretching all the vertebrae. I like the stretch they call the cat and the child's pose. I also enjoy standing and touching my fingertips with my hands.
I love to stretch in the morning, after waking up and drinking some water. But I really enjoy stretching at any point of the day

Helenka N.
Thank you for asking! I think my favorite stretching moves are cats and cows. I like them because they are pretty simple to do and I feel really energized, stretched. I love stretching in the morning, just after waking up. But I also like child pose. For me it’s relaxing and helps me if my back hurts. Sorry for any mistakes, I’m not native english.
Hope u have an awesome day!

Friedl F.
My favorite position is called "happy baby", because it stretches really good my hips and my lower back, and I have some muscle disbalance right there!

Carolina I.
My favourite stretching move is anything that helps me with my back. I spend a lot of time seated down so my back at the end of the day really hurts. So at the end of the day, when I go to bed, I stretch with my arms up in the sky and then lay down on my orthopedic pillow. It helps me sleep really nicely and I wake up on the next day really comfy!