Is stretching meant to precede or follow exercising?

Martina N.
I think that it would be perfect before AND after exercising. Before it helps your muscle to prepare to what you’re about to do, after it helps them to relax and not be too tense.

Sharon T.
Both. Before so that the muscles are not ‘shocked’ into such intense movements; after so that the muscles ‘calmed’.
Any and every stretch should be done slowly, picture working with dough or slime. Worst picture- over stretching with an old rubber band – it snaps and hurts!

Selma C.
Well as a level 10 gymnast and I have done gymnastics for 14 years. I can tell you that stretching before you workout is essential. It warms up your muscles and prevents injury. It’s not necessary to stretch after but in general the more you stretch the better. Same goes for conditioning. Also be sure to breathe when you stretch! The more oxygen you get into your muscles the better they can withstand the pressure. Hope this helps!

Jen W.
It’s good to stretch before and after – longer session before gets your body and your mind warmed up, and a short one after to stretch off