How do you get motivated to do the boring stuff in your life?

Marie Z.
Give yourself a motivator. I say to myself, do that (the boring thing) then its not on your consious and you get to enjoy the fun things more as you aren't stressing over the other thing.
Mathias W.
Have a TO DO List. Wake up knowing and or thinking about what you are going to tackle today. Some boring tasks can take up a lot of time to complete, so only one or two boring tasks per week. But definitely get the music cranked up, it helps a lot!
Chad C.
I can get through the things I really don’t want to by combining it with something fun, for example if I can listen to music or even nature sounds while I’m tackling the chore that really helps.

I like reading, so sometimes when my mind starts to wander I stop for 30 secs to a minute to read an article or a page out of a book I’m into.

The method that I’m least proud of is pressure by procrastination, while it can push you towards results in a no way out kind of way, it’s a very stressful method for me and leaves no room for error.

Gregory G.
Hi there, right now & for past few years I've found it very hard 2 motivate myself but there r times I try & wot I find helps me is 1. Don't snooze, get up straightaway by swinging ur legs outta bed & just getting ur feet on the floor. Then 2. Think of something u r grateful for then go have cold glass of water whilst waiting on kettle. 3. Eat a good protein breakfast 4. Listen 2 ur power song, put earphones in & go for jog. If I get 2 here or any of they habits I'm happy! However, if I felt I could go on I'll do some visualization meditation, groom myself so I look good which in turn makes u feel better & go do something during the day tht u enjoy, work with gr8 ppl, get a good laugh & look forward to the next day. (Still searching for my passion) I need help in this area. X
Reingard J.
just do it…even if. Do it, without thinking about boring stuff. Go it like a meditation moment, go deeper inside yourself, enjoy every movement of your hands, find and focus on something good in doing that stuff, maybe it's not true it's boring, wait few minutes and listen to the answer when hou ask to yourself: "what is great in doing this stuff"? What are benefits for you in this moment? And on long therm?
That's what i got in my mind thinking an answer, thanks for your question!
Joyce J.
Try to sandwich exciting things around it! Or try to learn one new thing each year (this year is pottery for me!) So I always have some new and exciting thing I can turn to if the normal stuff gets boring
Elijah J.
I know that in longer period, all the little borings things will have a meaning. Also, you can't get exciting stuff without doing the boring stuff.
Jean O.
I pair them with something I either need to do or I'm excited to do, this way I make sure I do them and it's less painful. I also imagine the outcome and I let that motivation take me towards my goal.
Jonathan E.
I don't often find anything boring. For example chores I just tend to do, not thinking too much about it. I used to have a bad habit to eat when I was bored, when I had nothing to do – and to be honest, I still do sometimes – but now I try to find something to do with my hands and body: I organize my home, do crafts or work in my garden.
Bruni E.
Well it's still very hard sometimes to keep the motivation. Some days are better than others. But in general, I'm writing my personal and work Todo list every night for the next day. Having a set of things to do helps me focus and keep motivated to finish it (feeling of accomplishment).
Henry U.
Remember who needs it : Laundry? You need clothes. Paperwork? Maybe you need to get into that school. And try to make it fun ; sing a song, dance around a little, and give yourself a reward after doing it.
Adriana O.
Sometimes I feel not want to do it like exercise, write gratitude..because I have to stay in one place while I'm kinda dynamic person. But then after I'm feeling guilty for didn't do it and actually I realize those habits make a good impact on me. So I try to push myself by thinking "this is good for you" over and over again.
Suzanne P.
I get motivated by setting up a reward after that is fun. By breaking it down and planning my breaks, I also give myself something to look forward to while I’m doing the boring thing, creating a more positive headspace in which time passes faster versus a suffering negative headspace would make time seem to drag on
Lauren O.
I avoid the boring stuff because it's…well boring. So I put on music, set a timer and see how much I can get done in the allotted time I see. Honestly I started with a time of 5 minutes. When the timer goes off I ask myself if I want to keep working on this task is move to another. What I realized is almost always I continue to work on the task until completed because one I didn't feel forced to finish and two I've just proved to myself that I CAN do the boring stuff. I just spice it up with music and stay focused for an allotted time that fits me.
Frank E.
I get up do one little thing. Clean off a counter or clean off a small table. Then I gather laundry or collect dishes from maybe somewhere in the house. I like to start by just walking around my house outside if it is nice out.
Kazim S.
use the things that excite you as tools while achieving the boring things, for example music, games or a reward until they become routine.
Christy F.
I keep them in the loop of my routine. When it becomes second nature, I can be entertained by the results I get from staying on task.
Joann N.
Being responsible; thibking about how this boring stuff will have a positive inpact to me and others will help me to be motivated.
Music will also help, so I listen to up-beat music.
Sometimes I put the mirror in front of me to remind me how wonderful I am while doing the boring stuff since everyone is also has some moment to do boring stuff.
Felix Z.
It may seem irrevalent, but 7 minute workout helped me with my lethargy and it made me more resillient both physically and mentally. Also drugs that enhances dopamine levels should help too. But start them really slow.
Eliza T.
I know that it needs to be done no matter what and that if I get it done at least it'll be out of the way.

I also find the 'Self-Discipline Blueprint' by Patrik Edbald to be quite helpful.

Dunja U.
This is something I'm really struggling with having major depression. I really have to push myself because I have no motivation to do much.