How do you feel after a Fabulous stretch?

Vilde R.
I feel like my blood can Flow again, and my muscles relax a bit. Its like im suddenly back to earth and not stressing inside my own mind .

Georgia N.
I just feel like it’s something that I know I’m going to do as soon as I get up. Before this, I would lay in bed and think or check e-mails on my phone, because I knew I had stuff to do today but that was after I wake up. I would either make some tea and play a video game, but now that I’ve changed that morning routine to a shower, stretch and drinking water, I know exactly what I’ve got to do when I wake up in the morning. My body is also thanking me a lot for it. It’s nice to spend time with it and remember that we’re in this together, because sometimes I get very lost in my own thoughts and become ungrounded.

Luis Y.
I feel more energised and loose especially after I've just woken up, but if I do a more calming stretch then it just sets you up perfectly for bed time meditation