What kind of a stretching routine do you have? Do you do any particular movements?

Maurice Z.
I use an app that leads me through different stretches for separate parts of the body. The stretching of the neck and upper torso is my favorite.
Albert W.
I go with what I feel I need, I wish it were more structured and there were choices differently available on this app (different times, routines, etc.).
Isabelle Q.
I don’t have a specific stretching routine but I would suggest taking a look at a channel on YouTube called “Alivia D’Andrea”. She has a lot of stretching routines and tons more! Hope this helps!
Anna F.
I'm a dancer but in march I broke my leg so I can't get any dance classes. Now I try to get my flexibility again so I streach my splits and my back.
Isaac B.
I am in the midst of developing a sort of routine. Mainly, I stretch the parts of me that are often tight. I do reclined hip stretches at night before retiring. I do some gentle reclining abdominal twists. I do ankle rotations. I do a few shoulder stretches. And sometimes I do “legs up the wall.” It’s not a stretch exactly, but it helps my legs feel better. I’m starting to exercise again after years of foot problems, so gentle is the point and legs are generally my focus.
Trudel F.
My stretching routine is quite basic as I've just started. I like yoga stretches like forward fold and cat stretch as I have a lot of problems with my back.
Thea Z.
I stretch my arms up then left and down right
I put my back on the wall and turn my chest To face the wall with my hands left side and right side
I bend down to touch my feet right and left
Natalie Q.
Yes I like to stretch out my neck, shoulders, and back because these are the muscles that usually get cramped and stuck when I’m sitting for long periods studying!
Tracey N.
I typically follow the routine provided on here however if I don’t have time I jut target my legs and core due to my sport which is soccer.