What’s the best way to work out your lower abs?

Ingo E.
Honestly there are so many good exercises on YouTube that I would just type lower abs workout and follow through. I like to alternate so I always try different work outs
Aldemar Z.
Some say ‘sit ups’ or ‘crunches’ are the best, but there’s a great deal of room for errors to take place. Personally, sit ups are one of my favourites, but I’d get a professional person to walk you through it, ie a physio. The others that I like are similar to ‘candle stick’, and some Pilates poses.
1. Lie flat on the ground
2. Raise legs to a comfortable height, slowly
3. Lower legs together, slowly.
4. Repeat 6-10 times.

-hold at the top for an extra challenge, and increase the hold times as you get better.
– feel free to repeat the set, after doing some breathing exercises (in for 4, hold for 2, out for 6)
– start the angle as low as you like, it’s really hard holding your legs even 10cm off the ground!
– as your flexibility increases, you can try to get the vertical angle.

The side scissor.
1. Lie straight on side wth arms in the recovery position – elbow crooked, with head on other arm/shoulder.
2. Slowly raise one leg
3. Slowly lower leg.
4. Repeat 6-10 times and then turn on other side and repeat with the other leg.

– for an extra challenge, hold at the top, and raise and lower the leg as slow as you can!
– the angle isn’t important, it’s the level of control maintained; so start as low or high as you choose, and increase the angle as your flexibility increases!

Loretta O.
I like to lay down with my feet in a 45 degree, and i lift my arms straight up to my feet, I also like to just do normal sit-ups💛