Whats your best stretch pose and how long do you hold it for?

I've been holding each pose for the duration of 2 DEEP breathes.
Working with my disability's, I got lucky at the library + found an old book for .25 cents called " exercise as you grow older" . Most of them , are doable. Some need a smell adjustment .
Thea Z.
Well it definitely depends on what you are stretching. I love doing frogs and lunges for legs and cat pose for shoulders. Child pose is my favorite to just relax.
Nio Z.
I recommend an app called ‘workout for women’ and they do stretch’s, exercises, yoga, men’s workouts, and lots more. I just follow there routines. The app is great
Vikiirna J.
Of course, a person's best stretch pose is going to change over time, sometimes even day to day. I think the most important thing in any stretch is to check your whole body, to make sure you are stretching in your desired alignment. For example, right now, I'm focusing a lot on stretching with my legs in hurdler's position -one leg extended, the other bent with the foot on the outside of my hip. I make sure that the extended leg is rotated so that both the knee and the foot are pointed up. I make sure that I keep my back as straight as possible, with the shoulder blades pulled toward each other. I even monitor my head position. I work hard to keep my body in alignment as I do the various leaning toward and arching over my legs. As far as duration goes, it's never shorter than a slow count to eight, but I go more by the feel of my muscles. I usually hold for however long it takes to both feel the stretch, and then relax into it.
Jane Y.
Sitting pike stretch. With both feet parallel for one minute then feet turned out for another minute. Keeps the calves and hamstrings from tightening and tensing up. 🙂
Laissa S.
I think the simpler ones, since I have a problem with my elasticity hahaha I usually can’t hold a position for more than 15 secs
Noel Q.
Forward fold is probably what I can stretch the furthest with. I hold it for around 20 seconds. I think it’s more important to hold the stretch I’m not good at for longer.
Jar E.
My best and favorite stretch is a wall stretch, laying flat on my back, with my legs straight up and together against the wall. I will usually hold this stretch for 1-3 minutes, as it completely calms the body, lowers blood pressure, and is a perfect ending to a great stretch! I’m already proud of you, so keep going! 🙂
Rea G.
I like dynamic stretching over static so I don't really hold poses but I transition from.one to the other.
I usually take 5 deep breathes before moving from a position to another.
Lia O.
At the moment I have been working on my forward fold. Feels good to breathe into the fold and slowly straighten my legs and back.
Ashley C.
The best stretch actually comes in a variety of poses. Try a sun salutation set, various mountain poses, deep breathing yoga for beginners, etc. Always remember to never stretch when your muscles are cold. Take some time to jog in place, do some jumping jacks, or a quick 5 min cardio before doing any yoga or stretching. And always monitor your breathing when you stretch. Make sure you get full inhales and exhales in each pose.
Jessica Q.
It depends what is feeling right that day – I tend to do stretches for my hips flexors and glutes and hold them for 30 seconds to a minute each! There’s lots of research on holding stretches for 3 minutes to completely release and increase flexibility etc though
Kristen O.
Downward facing dog, it stretches my back which is much needed. I hold it until I don't feel my muscles stretching anymore. Sometimes its 30 seconds sometimes it's 3 minutes.
Katherine F.
I like to sit in on the ground, spread my legs and reach as far as I can. I also hold it till I feel less tense so about 20 seconds