Why do you stretch when you do?

Brayden E.
To unkink the meat I've twisted, bent, stretched and knocked about. And to give the neglected bunches of muscles a chance of circulation and appreciation and utilization. And it's an easy way to fool myself into exercising more. Also vagus nerve reset.
Edna T.
I have chronic back pain. Stretches, especially back stretches, first thing in the morning reduce pain and help keep me flexible.
Melissa U.
I stretch after I shower so that my body is warm and the practice is more effective. It is part of a routine to prepare my body and mind for work.
Katie E.
I try to stretch first thing in the morning. It tends to warm up my muscles and I believe it helps with flexibility. It also makes me feel good.
During the day I might feel lethargic then I also do a few stretches just to wake me up and renew my energy!