Do you prefer the stretches that involve standing up or the ones on the floor? Or a combination?

Marinara A.
I prefer stretches that are done on the floor because they give you more support but standing stretches have many benefits as well.
Debra T.
I hop out of bed with a big yawn stretch, I have realized I hold my breath while I hold it so I do that for a second after the yawn ends the for two breaths hold the pose. Next I cross my feet and set one hand on my bed and stretch one hand over my head to stretch my sides I hold for two full breaths. Last I do a toe touch. Well I can't touch my toes but I try 😁. I really like this app. It is really helping me and it is the first thing to accomplish that. Thanks! I hope more things become available in the free version soon.
Karoline J.
Combination of the two. Doing both stretches I feel cover a lot more muscle groups and joints, and frankly I feel you get a lot more out of it in the process, rather than focusing on specific areas.
Christoffer X.
Both really. Sitting allows me to take the pressure off my back and work on my abdomen also. I can focus on my sides on standing