If your lower back is sore, what stretch exercise do you still keep doing?

Johnni F.
The Child's pose or the Lower Back Twist. Remember to be gentle on your body and hold the posture if possible for 10-30 seconds.

Daniel C.
I still practice my sun salutations because down dog takes so much pressure off your spine and allows it to elongate. I feel a very quick response to this also after completing my rounds. I rest in child pose. Sitting with correct posture will also do wonders for you. If you work in an office type with your legs uncrossed and sit upright. You will be more alert breathe better and your lower back will thank you!

Sara U.
Seat with your legs underneath your body and then gently place your head within your knees, trying to stretch your arms which are above your head, with your hands on the pavement. Be gentle!